Our High-Volume plans for agencies adapt to your needs.
With high-capacity servers and high availability to serve millions of emails with video in a few hours and without limitations.

Our video impressions are certified by  Sizmek

Thanks to Viwom Database agencies are in luck, with its unique technology that allows you to play video within the email automatically,now you have the opportunity to sell video to your email databases..

Forget about selling at low CPMs with low profitability, or to bear the whole weight of the campaign selling by CPC or CPL. With Viwom you can sell by CPV (cost per view) as the brands are currently demanding.

Video spaces on Social Networks, Display or YouTube are saturated, which makes databases an ideal alternative to generate quality video impressions. Viwom is integrated with Sizmek, with it your customers will be able to track and check the real video impressions using the Sizmek count.

  • Maximize your database ROI by charging CPV
  • Use your database as a video inventory for media agencies
  • Enter to the big budgets of the brands by offering email video
  • Our video impressions are certified by Sizmek

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With Viwom and its innovative technology to create autoplay video email marketing campaigns, a new channel is opened for media agencies, access to a new inventory in which you can distribute the videos of your customers in a direct, effective and non-intrusive way.

Increase your profit margin thanks to this channel of high profitability compared with others such as Social Networks, display or even YouTube. In addition, Sizmek certifies our video impressions, providing the credibility your customers demand.

Every minute 156 million emails are sent around the world and 4.1 million videos are viewed at the same time. What are you waiting for to take advantage of this opportunity?

  • New channel for the brands videos.
  • Email is a direct, secure and non-invasive channel.
  • Pay by CPV with the lowest price in the market.
  • Our video impressions are certified by Sizmek

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Surprise your customers with Viwom's new technology, autoplay email video, where the video is played within the email. With Viwom you can increase the CTR up to 280% and the conversion up to 50% per campaign. In addition to other benefits such as branding improving and the increase of engagement.

The video is the audience's favorite format; 4.1 million videos are played each minute and 156 million emails are sent, compared with 3.5 million Google searches at the same time. So far, these two powerful marketing tools could not be linked due to safety issues, but now it is possible thanks to Viwom.

  • You can make responsive campaigns.
  • Your campaign will be sent by your usual ESP.
  • You will have the possibility to add buttons for social networks, from which the recipient will be able to share the video in social profiles.
  • Option to make the video clickable to increase the CTR and the web visits.
  • User area to create and manage the campaigns.

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  • User area, allows you to manage and extract data from the campaigns in real time.
  • Templates with responsive design.
  • Dynamic CTAs (call to action) over the video to increase the CTR.
  • High-speed servers which deliver millions of videos per second.
  • Compatible with the best ESPs on the market. Download the Viwom template ready to send via your ESP.
  • Videos with an autoplay option.
  • Social networks buttons for the recipient to share the video in their profile.