Increase CTR (click-through rate) up to 280% and conversion up to 50% by adding video to your email marketing campaigns.
With Viwom create video email marketing campaigns in just 7 minutes, ready to send by your ESP (email marketing platform)

Why to use an email video?

  • The video is the favorite format of the audience, especially among the Millennials. 4.1 million videos are viewed every minute on the Internet.
  • The email is the most suitable communication channel for advertising. It is not intrusive, as the user decides to subscribe to your database and whether to open the email.
  • By adding the word “video” to your email title, you will increase your opening rate from 10 to 20%
  • The email is not saturated with videos of your competition or other videos that take center stage to yours.
  • The video captures the attention of your users from the first second and transmits more information and emotions than the still images, thus favoring impulsive buying.

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What do I need to create a video email marketing campaign?



Configure it in mute, loop and autoplay


HTML template

Wherever you want the video to be embedded


ESP (Email servide provider)

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If you do not have any of these elements, discover our services and request your budget without commitment.

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High Volume

If you have a large database or need audience for your videos, Viwom is the ideal solution.
Send millions of emails with integrated video in the email and continue to use your Email Service Provider (ESP)
You will only pay for the video impressions actually consumed.

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You can buy prepaid packs with a number of pre-loaded video prints for you to use when you need them. They do not expire and you can use them in one or several campaigns.

Monthly billing

If you have an annual plan and want to get the maximum performance of your videos, you can hire the monthly billing. Create campaigns without limits and each month you will pay only for the video impressions consumed.

Per campaign

If you want to make a campaign without ties Viwom is the solution, contact us and we will make you a budget for a campaign based on your objectives.