Reach your video audience by email

Play quality videos into Viwom's audience and convert viewers into customers.
Video inventory of more than 180 million emails all over the world. Reach your target audience by embedding video in email.
Get quality views, with no distractions, no other advertisers bidding for the same ad space and certified by Sizmek.

Turn viewers into customers

More than 5Bn Emails accounts now can play video thanks to Viwom. And unlike with another digital video channels, users will watch your video in a controlled environment.

  • Impact your users in their email
  • No competitors bidding for the same ad space
  • Send your message without distractions to the user
  • Your video is played together with your brand, in a safe and clean environment
  • Get extra views by enabling the Social Networks Sharing option
  • Segmentation by age, location, sex and interest
  • 100% compliance with the new GDPR
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  • Views certified by Sizmek, so you can track and verify video impressions through your personal dashboard
  • Templates with responsive design
  • Ultra High-Speed servers that delivers any video format 400x faster than others
  • Compatible with the best ESP's on the market
  • Social media buttons to share your video in your profile
  • Advanced statistics in real time, with data about location, device, operating system, watch time, etc.