High Volume Plans

Our High Volume plans for advertisers and agencies are tailored to your needs. We use powerful servers with high-capacity and high-availability to deliver millions of videos in only a few hours.

For advertisers

If you have a large database or need an audience for your videos, Viwomail is your ideal solution.
Send millions of emails with embedded autoplay video and continue to use your Email Service Provider (ESP).
You will only pay for the video impressions actually consumed.


You can buy prepaid packs with a number of pre-loaded video impressions. Use them as needed in one or several campaigns. They do not expire.

Monthly payment

If you have an annual marketing plan and want to get the most out of your videos, you can purchase the monthly billing. Create limitless campaigns and each month you will only pay for the video impressions used. Signing a contract is required.

Per campaign

If you want to make a campaign with no strings attached, Viwomail is your solution. Contact us and we will create a budget for your campaign based on your own objectives.

For agencies

Use the same payment method as advertisers, but get special discounts based on your volume and annual goals. Enjoy extra features and services to give your customers maximum value.

Data Bases

With our database partners, we can help you reach your target audience.

360º Video Email Service

Dedicated commercial team. Account management service. Support in campaign creation, design and implementation. Reporting by campaign. Billing by campaign.

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