Add autoplay video to email marketing

Increase clickthrough rate up to 280%, conversion and branding

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wow your audience

Thanks to the power of the most desired format: the video, along with the most used channel: the email

What is Viwom?

An online platform that helps you to create video email marketing campaigns, providing servers technology and statistics. More than 75% of your email opens will watch your video

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How it works?

Generating automatically more than 20 formats and resolutions of your video, detecting in real time the device, OS and email client where the email is opens and deliver the perfect format to each one.

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Improve your branding and engagement, increase your CTR up to 173% and conversion up to 50% per campaign, with adapted plans to your needs.

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Works with your E-mail provider

These are some of the email service providers compatible with Viwom, if you are user of other click on “see more” and check the compatible. If your ESP is not on the list, please contact us

With Viwom create email marketing campaigns with embedded video that plays automatically when the recipient opens it.

You can create your video email campaigns by yourself in 5 minutes, just sign in the platform, or contact us and we will do the campaign for you.

We offer you Responsive HTML templates, Data base of our partners, or even do the sending for you.

Viwom is not a sending platform, so you don´t have to upload any data base or share information, and is compatible with almost all the Email Service Providers (ESP)