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Add Video to your Email Marketing Campaigns

and increase your CTR up to 173% and conversion
-compatible with your ESP-

What is Viwomail?

Viwomail transforms traditional email by allowing you to embed video that plays automatically in your customer's inbox . Everything is automated and it only takes 7 minutes to create your campaign. Download your enhanced HTML and keep using your ESP -Email Service Provider- (see compatibility). your Email Service Provider (see compatibility). Create your campaign, send it with your ESP and track your video impressions with Viwomail. Increase your CTR by up to 173% and conversion rates and improve your branding with a dynamic "call to action" in the video.

video email

How it works?

Everything is automated

Sign in Viwomail All you have to do is follow these steps,When you upload your video, Viwomail generates more than 20 different formats and resolutions that are stored in our high-speed servers.high-speed servers. After completing the process, Viwomail allows you to download a new HTML, which adapts to every user's technology and ensures that the video plays in the best possible format.

video email marketing.

Upload your video

From your computer or from a Youtube URL

video email marketing

Embed your video into your HTML

Follow the wizard steps for embedding your video into your HTML template

video email software

Download your video email

And send it using your usual Email Service Provider

Viwomail technology

video mail with autoplay in any device

It’s smart

When your new HTML reaches each recipient, Viwomail detects the user technology in REAL TIME and plays the video in the appropriate format and resolution. View Viwomail user experience video

It’s high-speed

Our high-speed servers are configured worldwide and ensure instantaneous delivery of video, regardless of the number of concurrent viewers.

video mail
video email marketing

It’s measurable

Get your video analytics. You will be able to manage your campaigns and analyze your video impressions by hour, date, and so on.

It’s compatible with your ESP

One of the great advantages of Viwomail is that you can continue using your emailing platform. Upload the HTML obtained with Viwomail into your ESP and send it to your database. The file size is small because the videos are stored in Viwomail servers, and they stream at the time the recipient opens the email.

video mail

Advanced features

Easy integration with social networks

Viwomail allows integration with social networks. Now your videos will be more viral than ever. Create campaigns from a YouTube URL and have your recipients share your videos directly from their email.

how to embed a youtube video

Create campaigns
from a YouTube URL

Now you can create a campaign directly from a YouTube URL. Viwomail will convert your video into the most compatible format for each recipient´s technology. (depending on your plan)

video marketing in social media

Share your video
from your email

Now the recipients of your emailing campaigns are connected and can share your video directly to Facebook or Twitter without leaving their email. Increase your views thanks to Viwomail and social networks. (depending on your plan)

Viwomail benefits

  • Dynamic content straight to your target

    The best way to impact your customers with premium content, combining the power of video with the benefits of email marketing

  • Increase your sales

    More sales with a single click. Video email captures the user's attention, generating interest and desire that boost traffic to your website

  • 173% more Click Through Rate (CTR)

    Greater advertising impact than with traditional email marketing campaigns. Get up to 173% more CTR
    (Click Through Rate)

  • Improve your branding

    Video enhances all your metrics and especially your branding, increase time spent reading your emails, improve conversion rates, and make the whole experience more memorable for your users.