7 email marketing trends

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Send video in email

An excellent multichannel marketing strategy no longer depends so much on the amount of advertising media. The key is to make each channel a means to connect with the minds of our consumers. This is the case of Viwomail, which allows us to add unexpected value, generating up to 50% more ROI (return on investment)… Read more »

Tips for a perfect video email

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Video email

In this article we explain how to do effective video email marketing campaigns, with embedded video that plays automatically in the email. Tips to avoid the junk folder and what kind of videos perform best. Everyone knows that video is the public’s favorite format, and that email is the most visited channel throughout the day…. Read more »

Youtube videos can finally play in emails

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Video in HTML

How to email a Youtube video? How to insert a Youtube video into an email? How to embed a Youtube video? How to send a Youtube video via email? Often times you want to email a video that you’ve seen on YouTube, or even better, you want to create a massive video email marketing campaign… Read more »