Your video email campaign perfect with our services

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Viwom: New services

As you know, Viwom is the only digital platform that allows you to include videos in your email marketing campaigns, assuring you that your content will always be visualized by your subscribers, regardless of the technology they are using to open your email.

Power to Millennials…!

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It may sound like the title of futuristic film about an alien invasion but we’re not talking about the future. We’re talking about a demographic reality and, to a large extent, about a real invasion of potential consumers and ‘influencers,’ who should be considered as the target for your next  email marketing campaign.

How a newsletter template can make your campaign easy and effective

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Desing Newsletter

What Is A Newsletter Template? A newsletter template is a basic layout designed to fit your content and images in a single page. To make your campaigns effective and easy, it’s important to design beautiful and eye-catching newsletters to attract your recipients’ attention. Your newsletter design should not only complement your content, it should add… Read more »

State of email marketing 2017

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E-Mail Marketing

In your inbox Email marketing, it appears, is here to stay. With 2.5 billion email users worldwide, three times the amount of Facebook and Twitter users combined, it presents an immense opportunity for marketers to generate traffic and acquire customer data. In fact, 41% per cent of marketers use their email marketing performance data as… Read more »

Discover our new brand identity!

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New logo

They say you have to “evolve or die.” At Viwom we are certainly not the same as we were three years ago when we launched our business venture. There have been many changes over this time: new countries, more staff, product improvements, new services and even new offices. And all this had to be reflected… Read more »