Your video email campaign perfect with our services

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Viwom: New services

As you know, Viwom is the only digital platform that allows you to include videos in your email marketing campaigns, assuring you that your content will always be visualized by your subscribers, regardless of the technology they are using to open your email.

Discover our new brand identity!

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New logo

They say you have to “evolve or die.” At Viwom we are certainly not the same as we were three years ago when we launched our business venture. There have been many changes over this time: new countries, more staff, product improvements, new services and even new offices. And all this had to be reflected… Read more »

Video email with autoplay is finally possible

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video in email image

While the majority of ESPs (Email Service Providers) say forget embedding video in email marketing, there is a new technology that enables you to do it successfully. It’s true that HTML5 video tag is not allowed by many email clients, and this is the reason why ESPs advise against using video in email. Would you… Read more »