Email Marketing with Video: A Safe Bet

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Video email marketing

Despite the belief that the arrival of social media has caused email marketing to slowly decline toward its disappearance, it’s been reclaimed thanks to new technologies, that have improved its performance by allowing things such as embedding video with autoplay in emails.

How to create a responsive video email campaign

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Responsive email campaign

Adapting content to different devices is vital in today’s world where opening email on tablets and mobile phones is becoming more commonplace. According to the 5th Splio Barometer , the rate of opening marketing emails via mobile phones has increased by 73% in the past years, which is why we’ve automated the entire process of… Read more »

The evolution of email marketing: videos that play automatically

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Video in email

Video continues to be people’s preferred mode of communication. In fact, 4 thousand million videos are watched every day.  And email, although believed to be obsolete with the arrival of social media, continues to be the king of communication channels. Every minute 204 million emails are opened, which is an astounding fact if we compare… Read more »

Youtube videos can finally play in emails

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Video in HTML

How to email a Youtube video? How to insert a Youtube video into an email? How to embed a Youtube video? How to send a Youtube video via email? Often times you want to email a video that you’ve seen on YouTube, or even better, you want to create a massive video email marketing campaign… Read more »

Video email with autoplay is finally possible

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video in email image

While the majority of ESPs (Email Service Providers) say forget embedding video in email marketing, there is a new technology that enables you to do it successfully. It’s true that HTML5 video tag is not allowed by many email clients, and this is the reason why ESPs advise against using video in email. Would you… Read more »

2015 will be the year of video email marketing

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Video in email

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. Video is the perfect format to capture the client’s attention and communicate. It lets you tell a story in a short amount of time, and it’s a format that viewers enjoy and marketing can measure.