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Email marketing, it appears, is here to stay. With 2.5 billion email users worldwide, three times the amount of Facebook and Twitter users combined, it presents an immense opportunity for marketers to generate traffic and acquire customer data. In fact, 41% per cent of marketers use their email marketing performance data as the top source for analytics data (Source: capterra.com). Older millennials are optimistic about email as well, with 72% believing it will stay around for at least another 10 years. Within the Millennials age group, however, it is important to note that they are largely on mobile (over 55%), so offering any email marketing solution needs to consider optimizing for mobile to effectively reach that audience (Litmus.com)

Click play

Video is currently the most popular form of online content, while 90% of users say that product videos
help them in the decision-making process, and 80 per cent of users can recall a video they’ve seen in the last month (Statistics from Insivia). In addition, survey by Kaltura showed that 96% of business professionals perceive video to be valuable within the business environment. When it comes to video it is no secret that with so much content being created both by users and companies, the trick is to create something interesting and unique. Another challenge is how to reach your audience and overcome the noise and friction along the way. Email marketing is still a powerful to achieve this, which is why having a solution that offers automatically playing videos directly in receivers’ inboxes (across mobile and desktop) might be just that way to cut through, and reach your target audience.

Better yet – autoplay!

Viwom is a platform that caters to these issues, and allows companies to utilise the potential of embedded videos in email marketing (both in terms of engagement and ROI), without compromising recipients’ experience! The core of the Viwom solution enables videos to autoplay directly in a receiver’s inbox. This core feature is supported by the ability to add Call to Actions, directly share the video from within the email, and get analytics on how your sent video emails are performing.
The technology behind the Viwom solution automatically generates more than 20 different formats and resolutions. Once the email is delivered, the system detects, in real-time, the optimal format to stream and autoplay, depending on the type of device, operating systems and email client. Where playback of video is not possible, recipients will receive a clickable high-quality preview in GIF format, and in very few cases, will see a clickable static play icon. Current statistics from Viwom tell us that around 62% of email recipients will actually be able to watch that the video with sound in their e-mail client! Powerful backend technology also guarantees that videos are delivered instantaneously regardless of how many users are watching the video at the same time.

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Price it right

This brings us to the innovative ways in which Viwom has structured their pricing options, especially catering to High Volume clients.

The new and rebranded Viwom – previously known Viwomail – has also introduced some new pricing and services, that better cater to their customers. One of the standout features of their pricing structure, is that customers pay for video impression – i.e. only emails that are opened and the video auto-plays in receivers inbox. Recently the company has also added special pricing plans for High Volume customers – Advertisers and Agencies. As customers with large databases, they are able to choose from Prepaid and Monthly plans as well as bespoke Campaign plans that meet bespoke objectives. In addition, Agencies can take advantage of additional value-adding services, such as third-party Database partners and the 360º Video Email Service.