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They say you have to “evolve or die.” At Viwom we are certainly not the same as we were three years ago when we launched our business venture. There have been many changes over this time: new countries, more staff, product improvements, new services and even new offices. And all this had to be reflected on our website, and our logo, which has changed along with us.

Evolution: 3 logos

After a long process of research and hard work, together with the creative agency Elucubración, we decided on a logo that will connect positively with the minds of our customers, based on the way the mind processes and stores information as a result of the brain’s operation and structure, which is formed by 3 overlaying sections: the primitive brain, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Images capture the attention of the primitive brain as a medium that facilitates the understanding of information, at the same time causing the limbic system to evoke emotions, thereby improving permanence in our memories.

To learn more about how video email marketing impacts the minds of consumers, we recommend you read our article “How does neuromarketing affect email marketing with video?”

Why is it important to project a fresh and up-to-date image?


In the decision-making process the primitive brain prevails over the neocortex, as it is 250 times faster, focusing on detecting the most immediate benefit.

The primitive brain communicates through a language called “mental imagery”, a mechanism that processes the information received by the senses; that is, the brain communicates through visual codes, which take on different meanings depending on the memories and experiences amassed in the mind of each person.

When viewing an image our brain processes these elements separately, associating each with a specific concept, subsequently linking these elements with information from our memories, ultimately establishing the relationship between the image and our tastes or preferences.

Our brain takes about 400 milliseconds to complete this process, leading to a consumer to make a purchasing decision within the first 90 seconds of interacting with a brand or product.

The Impact of Colour

When looking at an image the first thing the brain notices is its colour, so it is not surprising that there are a great number of studies related to this aspect and the mind’s interpretation of it.

Colours are the most important part of any logo, as they are capable of evoking emotions and influencing consumers’ moods.

A study by Emeraldinsight found that 90% of choices in the buying process are based on the colour of the product, packaging or logo.

The team of image experts at Elucubración made a special effort to reflect the personality of Viwom through the colours found in our new image, in which blue and green stand out.

According to a study by Kissmetrics, these two colours are those preferred by both men and women.

The meaning of our colours:

Blue: represents the high level of honesty and responsibility we exhibit towards our customers.
Green: reflects the professional ethics we maintain in the information we convey to our audience.
Orange: a colour representing the innovation that Viwom has developed in its unique technology, capable of embedding video in emails, and the vitality offered by this new tool to transform boring, conventional email into a dynamic element.
Pink: this colour reflects the fun experienced by each person who receives a video email.
Purple: a colour that evokes the imagination and creativity, values that our customers provide with their spectacular videos.

Shapes and figures

Once our brain has identified the colour in an image, it starts processing its shapes and structures, and situates them.

In this process the primitive brain is involved in decision-making, triggering a reaction of attraction or repulsion. If the image contains rounded edges our mind is more likely to feel mostly attracted, while sharp edges tend to drive people away, undermining trust in the brand.

Another important point to consider in the design of a logo is the Von Restorff effect: what stands out from the background is easier to recognise and, therefore, more remembered, and if an image is placed below the text the mind will focus all its attention on the image.

When a logo features elements that the viewer can put together or organise in his mind, like a puzzle, this creates a sense of familiarity with the brand, increasing his preference for it. Therefore, we have opted for the use of a combination mark, a blend of image and text that allows both elements to make a major impact on the minds of consumers, whether jointly or separately.

If we analyse Viwom’s logotype, it consists of a bubble of the type used in the comics as an element to communicate, and a “Play” symbol in the centre, together transmitting Viwom’s function: to communicate through video.

Font type

A study by Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz noted that the complexity of reading a text directly affects perception of it, such that if one writes an instruction in a font that is confusing or difficult to read, the task will immediately be perceived as difficult too.

This should not dissuade us from using original or different fonts, as they attract people’s attention and lead them to remember them better.

In terms of the font, the straight letters – “V” “I” and “W” – were combined with other, more rounded ones – “O” and “M” – in such a way that the whole turned out balanced and easy to read and recognise.


Visual metaphors are a powerful sales tool, as they boost comprehension and information recall by stimulating consumers’ senses.

Viwom is a digital platform whose unique technology goes beyond creating video email, also generating experiences that dazzle recipients with a “Wow!” effect, optimising the consumer experience.

Our digital platform has reinvented email marketing, keeping it constantly on the cutting edge, which is why the “Play” symbol placed in the middle of the message symbol points to the right: forward, towards the future.

Finally, within our new image we have included graduated colours that produce an image of freshness and dynamism while representing the video’s high-quality, resolution, and colour, and its great capacity to convey emotions.


A baseline is a phrase that always accompanies the brand in every media format used to promote it. The main function of a baseline is to help people understand what is behind the brand.

Viwom has had various baselines since its inception. The first was “Video working on marketing,” corresponding to the “Viwom” acronym. We later changed the brand to “Viwomail,” standing for “Video working on mail”, linking the brand directly to the product. But we are now more than video email, offering a range of services and options that make us more than just a product. Thus, for our baseline we have based ourselves on the end user’s experience, with that “Wow!” effect that a video email triggers when opened. That’s why we created “Wow your audience”, which captures the positive surprise experienced by the video email recipient through the onomatopoeia “wow”, which not only expresses surprise, but disbelief, impact, the incredible, originality, etc., all positive emotions generated in the mind of the recipient upon opening a video email.

What do you think of our new image?