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Email marketing has become a classic that never goes out of style, and the availability of new tools and technologies has allowed this practical means of communication to evolve at high speed.

Email marketing is a vital tool considering the constant increase in email accounts opened around the world. According to a study by The Radicati Group, this year we will see an estimated 3% increase in the number of existing email accounts, totaling 2.7 billion users.

The average person receives 121 emails per day, and 79% of those emails end up in the inbox instead of spam. This turns the job of marketing executives into a true challenge, which is why they must be at the forefront, constantly innovating the content of their campaigns.

In this article, we share 4 email marketing trends to start using now to improve your brand image and positioning. In 2017, there will be technological leap forward that will allow businesses to automatize these processes and expand their understanding of the buyer decision process.

1. Mobile-friendly email + video

Consumers have not only become more demanding, but also more practical with regards to their daily activities and the way they perceive the world. Therefore, they tend to opt for videos that let them process information more quickly and more easily.

A report by Forrester reveals that a one minute of video is the equivalent of communicating up to 1.8 million words, due to the fact that videos communicate not just concepts but emotions that transmitted through images, colors, gestures and sounds.

Did you know that our brain is able to fill in blank spaces in the information we receive? This is due to all of the experiences we accumulate in our memory, therefore allowing us to watch a video on a computer or phone screen and recreate the smells, sounds, and feelings in our mind.

And that’s why video has become the perfect match for email marketing, letting us captivate and amaze our consumers. That’s not all! More than 41% of people that see videos on their phone end up sharing them, which is why we can’t forget to adapt our email marketing campaigns to mobile devices.

At Viwomail, we’ve developed a groundbreaking, mobile-friendly technology that allows video to be embedded in the body of an email and enables it to be played automatically on any device exactly when the recipient opens the email.

Why create a mobile-friendly video email campaign?

  • The open rate of emails on mobile devices has increased 73%.
  • People spend approximately 9 minutes per day looking through their email on mobile devices.
  • Video email helps increase CTR (click through rate) by 173%.
  • According to Hubspot, video can increase the intention to purchase by 97%.
  • Video can reduce the number of those who unsubscribe by up to 26%.
  • It is estimated that in 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be related to playing videos.

What kind of video email marketing campaigns can be adapted to mobile devices?


The answer to this question is: All of them. There are no limits to video email. In fact, it opens up an infinite number of possibilities that will help you generate true followers of your brand via Welcome campaigns, Holiday greetings, massive sales, video tutorials, seasonal offers, and more.

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2. Cognitive intelligence and the automation of email marketing

The automation of marketing processes is a new trend that is growing stronger by the day. It’s a cost-effective way of improving our campaigns via specialized software and digital platforms that automatically segment the market.

Plus, this technological advancement gives us more control of our email marketing activity by monitoring its impact and providing us with information about consumer behavior.

What is cognitive technology?

The reality of “artificial intelligence” that imitates human cognitive abilities is no longer just a concept that we see in Hollywood movies. According to an article by IBM, in 2018 at least 50% of consumers will have some kind of interaction with services designed by cognitive technology.

All of this is made possible by a system that is capable of self-evolution, processing acquired information, and continuously learning from every interaction – just like humans do throughout the course of their lifetime.

Such a high level of technology allows us to automatically improve the content we send and align it with our consumers’ desires, preferences, behaviors and business relationships. Furthermore, it can auto-adjust its classification parameters according to the evolving market.

Email marketing: Integrate marketing automation with intelligent technology

For the past three years, there has been a rapid increase in the evolution of email marketing intelligence using more competitive systems that improve not only consumer experience but brand experience as well.

At Viwomail we are well aware of the importance of automated processes for including video in email marketing campaigns; that’s why we’ve developed intelligent technology that maximizes the benefits of such campaigns. Such benefits include:

  • Self-scalable servers that support email marketing campaigns of over 6 million that automatically adjust to demand, resulting in competitive prices.
  • Statistics in real time that allow the user to see their campaign evolve at any moment
  • Automatic creation of over 20 different video formats and resolutions as soon at the video loads, including various, high-quality video-GIFs that look like a video without sound
  • Intelligent technology that detects the device, operating system, and client’s email and delivers the ideal format for each
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3. Social network integration


Since the emergence of social networks, there has been much speculation over the disappearance of email marketing; yet, with the pass of time, the power and pervasiveness of email has been reconfirmed. It still manages to be the best means of communication that is simultaneously large-scale and targeted.

By no means are we devaluing the power of social networks; on the contrary, these tools must be integrated to leverage the potential of our email campaigns.

In case you still haven’t developing your email and social media marketing strategy, here are some facts may make you reconsider the idea of fusing these two tools together.

Email Marketing:

  • 91% of consumers scan their email at least once a day.
  • On average, an email marketing campaign costs 78% less than other marketing strategies.
  • According to Forrester Research, people spend 80% of their time online looking at their email.

Social Networks:

  • The number of social network users is estimated to increase from 2.1 billion to 2.5 billion in the year 2018.
  • A qualitative study reveals that in the USA 78% of the population has at least one social network account, and 50% have more than one account.
  • On Facebook, 6 new profiles are created per second; also 62% of all online website log-ins are on Facebook’s website.
  • 6,000 tweets are posted per second.
  • On average, a business executive can have as many as 930 LinkedIn contacts, which encourages B2B marketing

Keep in mind that to be successful and truly see positive results from our email marketing campaigns, the content of our emails has to invite recipients to share it within their social circle. We recommend that you opt for highly dynamic content such as video.

This practical tool can transmit emotion and is a top favorite of social network users – it will allow you to increase your number of followers around the world.

It’s now possible to share videos directly to Facebook or Twitter without leaving your email account; it can serve as a launching pad for making your video go more viral than ever.

The benefits of email and social media marketing campaigns with video:

  • Traffic increase: 75% of businesses that make use of social media marketing agree that dedicating 6 hours per week to creating social network content can considerably increase web traffic.
  • Herd behavior: It triggers imitation behavior, which creates consumer trends.
  • ROI (return on investment): Sending email with video can increase ROI by up to 50%.
  • Click through rates: According to Nonprofit Hub, social media sharing buttons increase click through rates by up to 150%.
  • Credibility: The rebroadcasting of content on social networks contributes to improved brand image.
  • Loyalty: Make your users feel special by sending them unique, valuable content that lets them interact socially and satiates their desire for belonging.
  • New client recruitment: This triple threat marketing strategy will generate an increase in new clients as compared with all other strategies.
  • Increase of average spending per consumer: A person who receives email ads spends an average of 178% more than a person who does not receive the information.

4. Personalization

In an attempt to improve user experiences, email personalization started to take center stage this year. According to a report by Venture Beat, 77% of consumers prefer personalized emails.
Sending generic emails to all of our consumers is a thing of the past. In 2017, personalized emails will be a vital trend, whereby the great majority of content is personalized in transactional email.

  • Recipient’s name: Adding our client’s name to the email subject line and body increases the open rate by up to 41%.
  • Greetings: Sending a dynamic greeting is a great idea, whether for our consumers’ birthdays or on other important holidays that align with their religion.
  • Valuable content: We know our consumers, what they’ve purchased, and when they purchased it. Why not send them information related to those products to improve their consumer experience?
  • Thank you emails: We can make our “Thank you” emails even more personal by adding the online store name and the name of the staff member who assisted them with their purchase.
  • Newsletters: Based on the purchase history of each consumer, we can personalize a portion of the screen in order to offer them promotions and special discounts.
  • Abandoned shopping carts: Send an email to your clients who haven’t finalized their purchases and allow them to finalize them without leaving their email. You can even motivate them by offering special promotions.
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Thanks to the evolution of digital email marketing, it’s no longer necessary to spend time and effort creating various versions of content. We can use the same videos that we broadcast on Youtube channels to also improve our email marketing campaigns.
These campaigns that we’ve personalized to amaze and delight our customers will turn them into true evangelists of our brand and will allow them share our content on their social networks.
Instead of developing isolated campaigns across different media outlets, we must fusing new technologies within our reach with the most influential means of communication in order to truly maximize the potential of our marketing strategies.