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The festive season is upon us and you will recognise it by the twinkly lights, jolly holiday songs and special Christmas email marketing campaigns! For a lot of brands and especially retailers, this is the time of the year to put out special offers, seasonal deals and attract as many customers as possible – people are in a gift-giving, deal-seeking and generous spirit!

The winter holiday season is one of the best times of the year for your creative, heart-warming and celebratory marketing content. Your customers are getting flooded with holiday-themed marketing, festive well-wishes and while they naturally expect this, you should still put the extra effort into surprising them with your Christmas e-mails! One great way to cut through the Christmas campaign clutter is to invigorate your e-mails is with tasteful visual and video content!
Here are some  other essentials and ideas to adorn your Christmas e-mail campaigns with this year, to really make sure you are bringing the holiday ‘experience’ in your customers’ inboxes!

Seasonal and topical

We can recognize the Christmas season from a mile – decorations change the look and feel of everything around us and get us into that holiday spirit. Make sure you embrace that and give your communications, website and marketing campaigns a festive make-over! Keep it all in-tone with your overall brand messages, tasteful and consistent across all your channels, and you’re onto a good start!

Valuable gifts

Making your Christmas e-mails stand out from the rest can be a hard job – so don’t try a hard sell! Use what you know about your audience to offer unique gifts complementary to what you are already offering! Giveaways, related stories, recipes and those little extra add-ons can help build relationships with your customers and share your brand’s story.

Season’s greetings

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, wishing your customers a Happy New Year, or simply thanking them for being loyal to your brand this year – a great way to convey this is with a dedicated e-mail. You could send a personally addressed e-mail Christmas card? Or perhaps even create a special season’s greetings video to send out to your customers?

Christmas adverts

Don’t we all love the adverts around this time of year? Big brands know how to create the perfect holiday story to evoke in us laughter, tears, nostalgia and the desire to buy more gifts! If you’ve created a special themed advert make sure it reaches your subscribers too! Why not put out a teaser in your e-mail, linking to the full-length video?

A video advent calendar

Or why not send out a video e-mail advent calendar? If you don’t already know what we mean – think short videos with different offers, competitions, or light-hearted Christmas-related brand pieces, all revealed in the countdown to Christmas!

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Social campaigns

Are you running a special holiday social media campaign or competition – make sure you reach your e-mail subscribers as well and invite them to take part. A short video or GIF can really portray what your campaign is about and can link directly to your social media channel!

As with any e-mail marketing campaign, make sure you are providing value, listening to your customers and integrating it with the rest of your marketing campaign. And if you decide to bring your Christmas e-mail campaigns to life with a video, check out Viwomail’s solution for integrating video that autoplays in your customers’ inboxes. It will automatically generate more than 20 different formats and resolutions. Once the user opens the email, the system detects, in real-time, the optimal format to stream and autoplay, depending on the type of device, operating systems and email client.   And of course, all of that while staying merry!