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In just over a month, many families around the world will be celebrating Christmas in their homes and in their hearts. The warmth of the holidays is starting to live on the streets, even in the coldest of winter temperatures.
All the bright lights that decorate our city streets are starting to appear, and we can already hear the jingle of Christmas bells playing in our minds. It’s impossible to ignore this Christmas spirit that’s beginning to emerge, which is why we’re just in time to launch our Christmas email marketing campaigns.

According to a report by Vente-privee, 17% of the population in Spain will spend 500€ on Christmas shopping and 43% will spend from 200-500€. At the same time in Mexico, the Mexican Internet Association estimates a 54% increase in eCommerce.
These statistics are excellent news for business in both countries, where brands like Amazon have already warmed up their engines and are extending sales from Black Friday until Christmas time.

How to launch your Christmas email marketing campaign according to the top experts of the 21st century?

Most professionals are in their final stretch of the year, finishing up work, and waiting for the first snowflakes to fall – with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and their Christmas shopping list in the other; meanwhile, directors of marketing and design are getting started creating their campaigns for the Christmas season.
We’ve dedicated this post to those departments, the ones that are working fiercely to connect with the spirit of their consumers and to bring them the products and services that make this much awaited season better year after year. This article compiles some of the best tips and information from top experts around the world of marketing to help you create experiences and increase your sales volume.

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1. It’s not just about the Christmas carol, it’s how you sing it!

Have you ever noticed the way a different delivery or intonation can change the entire meaning of a message? Well, it’s the same story with email marketing campaigns, the ones that we spend hours and hours on to come up with the perfect message.

Branding guru Martin Lindström warns us that 99% of all advertisements that humans are exposed to actually don’t work; this is due to our brain’s great information filter that throws out anything and everything that is out of context and seemingly irrelevant. In fact, Lindström points out that the basis of all human behavior is the desire to belong to a group, which then translates into the instincts that guide our decision-making. Hence, society is driven by these groups’ trends, which are spread by word of mouth. And it’s precisely this behavior that converts consumers into brand evangelists.

During this Christmas season, a time when brands are using their best strategies to be first in the mind of their consumers, it’s crucial to take advantage of fresh, new tools, all while staying within the “Christmas context” and prompting consumers to share the news in their social circles.

Viwomail, the leader in video email marketing, has developed a unique technology that allows video to play in any email and on any device. It’s sure to truly amaze and completely wow your recipients.

This new technology lets you transmit loads more emotion than with a traditional Christmas greeting and a static image, and it lets you send a message directly to your target audience via email. It will leave your users with a special memory, not only of your greeting but of your entire brand.
Lastly, don’t forget to include some text in your next newsletter or Christmas card; this will help prevent it from ending up in the Spam folder.

Including text in email was studied by Edisonda, a company specializing in eye tracking, and they recommend using three columns to display information and placing the most important information at the top.

Remember, it’s not just about using email marketing as one more communication tool. It’s about using email marketing to make an impact and captivate your audience. It’s about creating and spreading experiences.

2. Make the most of the Christmas spirit!

Did you know the spirit of Christmas is real? It’s not just a myth from Charles Dickens’ famous novel “A Christmas Carol”. The University of Copenhagen conducted a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and found that the “Christmas spirit” is actually reflected in the brain, in same areas related with spirituality.

These cerebral areas can be activated with the correct use of kinesthetic stimuli that are associated with Christmas. This also aligns with the claims of neuromarketing expert Jurgüen Klaric, that it is possible to recreate Christmas in the mind of the consumer, even before the the season begins. The brain does not pay attention to the dates, but rather the elements that evoke memories of Christmas-time.

Now, you may be wondering: Is it really so important to awaken the Christmas spirit? Definitely! This spirit is what brings about happiness and sadness, both of which are top motivators for compulsive buying.

Therefore, the best format of all is video, which allows you to combine an abundance of Christmas elements, such as Christmas carols, family moments, gatherings with friends, Christmas meals, and more. All of this will awaken that Christmas spirit in your consumers.

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3. Spread the Christmas magic!

One important component of the Christmas magic is love, the feeling that’s aroused in people’s hearts and causes them to go shopping for gifts.
Ana María Olabuenaga, one of the most famous Mexican publicists, explains ‘love shopping’. This is when people, mostly women, put purchases for loved ones above their own needs and desires.

In Spain, 97% of women confirm that they shop during this season; therefore, you must keep in mind that, regardless of your product’s target-market, the person that you really have to convince is the queen of the house.

For this reason, it’s crucial to segment your database and send a personalized email specifically for women. For example, it’s not one and the same to try to sell cologne to a woman who will then buy it for her husband versus selling it to a man who will buy it for himself. The motivations for buying and the impulses that lead to their purchase are different for each segment of the market. Similarly, we can’t use the same strategy to sell a toy directly to a child versus selling it to his or her mother.

One company that has made love the centerpiece of their campaigns and is largely responsible for trends that still remain relevant to this day is: Coca-Cola. How could we ever forget that eye-catching, red suited Santa Claus that they brought into our lives?

This multinational corporation not only develops creative messaging based on sentimental stories, but also launches experiential campaigns that promote love. For this brand, the magic of these events doesn’t stop there. The events are captured on video, which is later spread via Youtube and social media, allowing us as spectators to live those touching moments, full of happiness.