Email Strategy for Black Friday

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Mid-autumn is now arriving. In some parts of the world, the temperatures are descending, and with each gust of wind, the leaves continue falling, just like the prices of our favorite products and brands. It’s time to make way for sale season on a massive scale.

There’s no better way to kick off November than with a marathon of unbeatable deals! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and El Buen Fin (in Mexico) are all approaching therefore we’re going to give you some tips for coming up with a top marketing strategy!

Let’s start at the beginning, with the true purpose of these marketing campaigns: Discounts. Such offers not only make our products and services more appealing but they also attract the attention of our consumers. Thus, it’s crucial to offer incredible discounts. After purchasing the same product they were eyeing all year, except now at an unbeatable price, our clients will be left with nothing less than a feeling of true victory.

But be careful! Virtually all brands will be doing the same thing – offering discounts – and you’ll have to compete with them. This is why there’s one thing you must avoid at all costs: raising prices a few days beforehand in order to lower them during the marathon.

You definitely don’t want your clients to start posting critiques on social media, like Twitter, about you playing “price games”; this has happened in past years. This negatively impacts brand reputation so: Don’t risk it! It’s a thousand times better to maintain credibility than to maintain our prices with these kinds of games.

Some want it all for free

Don’t get overwhelmed by petty price battles and end up devaluing your brand. Remember, across different segments of the market, there are always clients looking for 50% discounts or better. This type of customer probably isn’t a true fan of your brand, and, in all likelihood, won’t become one after the sale season. Therefore, you have to find a balance by gauging whether this kind of client is best for your brand or not.

Be visible

Did you know that these days companies like Amazon get 7% of all web traffic? If you didn’t know this or you didn’t consider it important information, it’s time to take note that the key to such companies is “the Internet”. If you really want to be visible and play the game, your best tool is the web.

Advertise ahead of time and take advantage of all the channels at your disposal: video email, paid campaigns on social media, PPC, etc.

Go above and beyond!

Reward your clients for choosing you. Offer small gifts that encourage them. It’s not about gifting expensive items with every purchase that cost your business money. You can offer things such as ebooks, webinars, or even small branded, promotional merchandise.

Another option is to hold a raffle amongst all clientes who purchase anything throughout the course of the day. This not only helps increase sales but also helps increase your database for email marketing campaigns during the upcoming Christmas season.

Make a difference with video email

Once you’ve established what offers and prices you’ll be using to attract your consumers’ attention, it’s time to think about creating a campaign that will seduce and captivate them. Don’t conform by sending an old-fashioned, boring email marketing campaign. Almost every brand will be sending advertising emails online!

Be innovative and creative by sending a video email that plays automatically right when users open their email. Dare to be the center of attention and stand out from your competitors with a video email.

Below you’ll see some of our favorite template designs that you can use for embedding you video:

black fridayblack friday

black friday