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How many times have you heard the phrase “All roads lead to Rome”? Have you ever stopped to think that you can accomplish the same thing with your company action plan? If you haven’t done it yet and you’re looking to maximize results for each and every one of your strategies without wasting time or money, then this is the best moment to begin a marketing plan in which all strategies converge in one place: Email Marketing.

We live in a time of constant technological and commercial evolution, one in which the challenges of marketing are constantly growing due to the availability of products and services contrasted with an economy that isn’t advancing at the same pace.
Consequentially, our companies’ finances are being threatened, provoking budget revisions where every $1 that we invest has to produce extraordinary results.
The same thing is happening with our consumers who are more discerning than ever, monitoring their budgets and looking to acquire products that not only satisfy their immediate needs but also contribute to the overall quality of their lifestyle.
Therefore we have to strengthen each of our campaigns by improving their degree of impact and expanding their reach. We can do this by uniting the power of each and every technological tool at our disposal.

Let’s start with video campaigns. With this method, we can make a high impact on our clients and invest anywhere from $500 to $30,000. Until now we could only broadcast these videos on television or the internet without the certainty of whether or not they would actually reach our target audience.
Now let’s think about email marketing. This strategy allows us to more accurately segment the market and bring our brand to our true clients in very little time and with very little money.

video emailDid you know that it’s finally possible to join the power of video with the widespread reach of email marketing?

Thanks to the unique technology of Viwomail, video with autoplay can now be embedded in email on any device, hence boosting the potential of video and email both of which have been studied and advanced by Neuromarketing.
According to this emerging field of Neuromarketing, video is no longer just a method of dissemination but a tool which which to connect to the mind of the consumer. And this tool has the capacity to awaken a wide range of emotions and feelings that can guide them into choosing our products and services.
With this information, we can begin designing strategies that stem from our launch events and/or the fairs and expositions we’ve attended. All such events require high investments of time and money and are prioritized in hopes of creating a unique approach to our branding.

growth hacking

By filming these experiences, in which the client interacts directly with our brand, we can actually prolong the life of our email marketing campaigns. We can share these incredible experiences with all of our potential clients even those who couldn’t attend such events.
Growth Hacking, whose objective is to increase our number of subscribers, also uses video email marketing because it opens doors to a world where we can disseminate information more quickly on topics such as:
·1 Promoting free online courses or mini tutorials
·2 Limited time offers
·3 Rewards for referring clients

·4 Dynamic reminder emails
·5 Examples, instructions, and recommendations related to the use of our products or services
·6 Invitations to events, competitions and expositions
Forming part of our constructed digital communities, we cannot forget about blogs. These are spaces where companies and people share information, ideas, and opinions about what’s developing in the world. They spread their content via weekly electronic newsletters which have now taken off thanks to video email marketing which incentivizes users to consume our content.

And finally, here is where social media comes into play, joining strategic forces with email marketing in a sea of possibilities where all of our strategies are brought together. By fusing video with email, our clients can now become spokespeople for our brand. And with the help of Viwomail, which allows us to embed video in email, our clients will have the option to share these videos on social media, in turn, increasing CTR by up to 173%.