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Adapting content to different devices is vital in today’s world where opening email on tablets and mobile phones is becoming more commonplace. According to the 5th Splio Barometer , the rate of opening marketing emails via mobile phones has increased by 73% in the past years, which is why we’ve automated the entire process of creating a responsive video email campaign.

How to create a responsive video email campaign?

1. Log in to
2. Click the tab “Add-ons”

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3. Purchase the pack “Responsive Video Email”
4. Click the tab “Create Campaign”
5. Once you have uploaded and selected your video and named your campaign, a pop-up window will appear. In this window, choose a size for your video and copy the tag onto your template to indicate where you want your video to appear.
6. In the same window, choose the “responsive template” and enter the width in pixels for the responsive version of your video.
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7. Upload the new template with the tag now inserted
8. Test a preview of your video email
9. Download the video email. Now it’s ready for you to send via your usual ESP (email service provider)