Video in email

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Video continues to be people’s preferred mode of communication. In fact, 4 thousand million videos are watched every day.  And email, although believed to be obsolete with the arrival of social media, continues to be the king of communication channels. Every minute 204 million emails are opened, which is an astounding fact if we compare this with the 4 million Google searches performed each minute.

If email and video are so powerful each own their own, why haven’t they been integrated until now?

The main problem with embedding video in email is that email providers are incompatible with playing video and do not accept video formats for security reasons.
Nevertheless, a Spanish company has solved these problems with groundbreaking technology called Viwom. They have received various awards including the Mercurio Award for innovative technology, and the Prize for the most innovative SME of Spain, sponsored by Vodafone.

How does it work?

In only 7 minutes, Viwomail generates more than 70 different formats and resolutions of your video; it detects – in real time – what device, email provider, and operating system are being used; and it sends the ideal format for video playback. Some of these formats include MP4, OGG, or WebM among others, such as a high-quality video-GIF created by a unique algorithm that is visually perceived as a video without sound.

This is why if you open the same email on different devices, like a PC or mobile phone, you will see different formats of the video. For example, a video email opened in Gmail on a PC will be a high-quality GIF format whereas the same video configured for AppleMail will be an MP4 video.

Many large national and international brands are jumping on board and using video email for their email marketing campaigns, including sectors like fashion, insurance, tourism, telecommunication and healthcare. Their click rates are skyrocketing by up to 173% and their sales by 60% per campaign; additional benefits include improved branding and increased engagement.

No longer will email marketing departments have problems with embedding video in email. With this new technology, email marketing is being completely revolutionized and is now stronger than ever.