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In this article we explain how to do effective video email marketing campaigns, with embedded video that plays automatically in the email. Tips to avoid the junk folder and what kind of videos perform best.

Everyone knows that video is the public’s favorite format, and that email is the most visited channel throughout the day. So it´s a good idea to merge them to give to the public the format that they love in the channel that they visit most.

Thanks to Viwomail this kind of campaign with autoplay video inside the email is increasing the CTR (click through rate) by up to 173%, and conversion by up to 50% more per campaign.

In the following lines, we give you tips to create an effective video email campaign:

Video email message

Although video email is a great way to communicate, do not forget that it’s only one aspect of digital marketing strategy.

It is very important to know your target and create a message with them in mind. Ask yourself this question: What is my public expecting from me?
If your data base is not uniform, the key is to segment and segment again. Segment by age, gender, likes, etc.
Regarding creativity, you should create 2, 3 or 4 different messages for the same offer and do A/B tests. These kinds of tests are available in all ESPs (Email service providers). A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of creativity to see which one performs better.

How to avoid spam filters in email marketing?

It’s not enough to just insert a video. All video emails have different parts:
CTA: Call to action button

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  1. Although the video is the most important part of the design and a low percentage of the public is going to actually read, text is still vital to avoid the Spam folder. The ratio to avoid the junk email folder is 60% text and 40% video and images.
  2. Do not use a lot of bold and uppercase text in the email subject.
  3. In the email subject line avoid words like: free, offer, %, $, etc.
  4. Do not email from generic addresses, avoid sending from addresses like: sales@____, info@____, etc
  5. Double check before sending! Almost all Email Service Providers have the option to check the Spam level of your templates, and if your Email Service Provider doesn’t have the option, there are many websites that can do this.

What kind of video is best to embed in email?


video in email

The answer to this question can be solved in a single sentence: What is the user’s next action going to be right after watching the video? What action do we expect from the user after they have watched it? A sale, a “like” on social networks, to build trust in our company, book a hotel room, etc.

And the answer to this question is going to guide you to create the perfect video and the perfect template.

If you are looking for conversion, the most effective strategy is to add a CTA button under the video or even better inside the video. This is called a dynamic CTA in the video, and statistics prove that it converts twice as much than a usual Call to Action button.

When the video starts playing, the text of your choice pops up on it, and when the user clicks on it, it goes directly to your purchase page.
Less is more: the shorter video the better it will perform and the more conversions you’ll get. The optimal length for a video inside email is between 20 and 60 seconds.

Now that you have all the secrets, create your first video email campaign and bring your emails back to life.