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In this article we will analyze the motivations of users for subscribing to a brand newsletter. After read it you will know more about what your subscribers really want, and therefore get more followers and sales.

According to a recent study by Adestra with consumers between 14 and 67 years old, the main reason that users subscribe to brands’ newsletters is to get discounts; 85% of respondents selected discounts as their most important reason.
The second reason for subscribing to a newsletter is for updates and new products or services that the brand offers, as indicated by 41% of respondents.

Only 38% subscribe for engagement. And 27% for being part of product research.

Now we will see the breakdown by age, which will help you to adjust to your audience, if you know it’s age:




According to the results, no matter the age of your audience, you should offer them discounts because otherwise they may unsubscribe.
We also see that regardless of age, all users like to know news of your products or services, although this is not the main reason they follow your brand.

And if your audience belongs to the z-generation, or are between 14 and 18 years old, you have a good chance at making fans of your brand and boosting engagement. To do this you should send newsletters that are attractive, customized and tailored to their age. Video in email with autoplay (Viwomail) is highly valued by this age group.

This is the kind of audience loves to feel part of your brand, so you should organize different performance events and invite them to take part, like flashmobs or creative gatherings/events in public places. Plus it will be they themselves who start promoting and talking about these performances on social networks.

On the other hand, if your audience is between 56 and 67 years old, you should invite them to participate in product research. You can do this through questionnaires with rewards for participating, like sending samples, etc.

However we see that, regardless of age, access to information is not an important reason to subscribe to a newsletter.
As we have seen, receiving discounts is the main reason for subscribing, but what kinds of discounts do they value most?



Offering percentage discounts is the most valued by respondents, especially if they are between 19 to 34, so if your audience is in this age range, do not hesitate! Send them a discount by email, they will definitely value it and you will increase sales in a short period of time.

Free shipping is also highly valued by this age range, being lower amongst the younger respondents. This is similar to the free trial, which has the same positive assessment as free shipping.

With these data, now you can make an email marketing content plan that for sure will improve your ratios. Your subscribers will love it.