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If you are a Viwomail user, you know that we innovate day by day to give you the best tech and to give you the highest efficiency in your video marketing campaigns by email.

In this post we will show you the latest features that we have created and that you can use in our platform


1. Responsive Video Email

All of our video emails are responsive, so that your customers have the best experience when opening the email on any device.

video email responsive

2. Responsive templates

If you don´t have knowledge about HTML to create a responsive template, don´t worry, our team will do it for you. Contact us at and ask us for a budget.

With a responsive template your newsletter will be adapted to any device giving your recipients the best experience possible.

According to the annual study of mobiles conducted by IAB, 60% of recipients open daily email on their mobile. And only a third of the emails received are responsive. Differentiate yourself from the rest and provide the best experience for your recipients.

3.Dynamic “Call to action” inside the video

You can now create your video email campaigns with a “Call to action” in the video. This new feature is a band in the bottom of the video that appears with the message that you choose exactly when you want it to. And when the recipient clicks on it, it takes them to your site or a page that you have decided on previously.

Top brands are already increasing their CTR and conversion exponentially thanks to this new feature. It can now finally be part of your video marketing strategy. If you want, contact us and we will give you a quote.

                                                                  Click on this image too see the result

video email example

4. Clickable Video

With this new feature, when the users click on the video, they will be redirected to your website or a page of your choice. This new option will multiply the results of your campaigns.

As always, we will add control buttons at the bottom of the video, so if recipients wants to pause or stop it, they can do so without any issue, and the user experience will be optimal.

Just as with the new features mentioned earlier in this post, contact us at for a budget, or feel free to call any of our phones.

5.Sharing video in social networks

Thanks to this feature your recipients can share your video in their social networks directly from the email. Buy your Elite or Enterprise plan and get viral thanks to Viwomail.

To enable this feature you only have to buy one of these two plans and send us an email with the text that you want to share on your recipients social networks. That easy!

6.Forwarding a video email

To let your recipients forward a video email. We add this icon next to the social network buttonsviwomail logo. Through it your recipients can forward your video email and share your newsletter.

7.Creating a video email with a Youtube video

Stop worrying about asking other departments to create the video that you want to send. Now with any of our plans, you can send a Youtube video, and create your campaign more quickly than ever. You just need to copy and paste the Video URL in the space for it.

youtube video email