Christmas e-card

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Around the same time every year those of us that work in the corporate world start asking ourselves the same question: What can we do for this year’s Christmas card?

Usually we are overwhelmed by our daily work,giving less importance to this kind of communication; we may even neglect it and send the first image that we find on the Internet, but this is a huge mistake!

All communication with clients is important, and we must not neglect it simply because it’s not purely commercial or our customers will feel that we are only interested in their money.

Like we said previously in other posts, the relationships we have with our existing customers is the same or even more important than the acquisition of new ones. Also if our current customers are happy with us, they will recommend our products to others.

The Christmas card/message is one more type of communication with our customers, and it must be well-thought out like the rest of them.

Gone are the years when Christmas cards were sent by post; it´s faster, cheaper and more ecological to send them by email. But how many Christmas cards are our customers going to receive? In general we´ll receive an average of 15-20 business Christmas cards every year. So, the problem is: What can I do to catch the recipient’s attention? The answer is Viwomail: an online platform that automates the whole process of creating a video email marketing campaign, with the video playing automatically when the email is opened. Here you have an example of video email; it also incorporates buttons for sharing the video on social networks and forwarding the video by email.


Digital Christmas card

With these tips you can make the perfect Christmas card:

  1. Include the word “video” in the subject of the email, this will increase the open rate.
  2. Find an original “subject line”, move over avoid subjects like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”.
  3. Personalize! Don´t be afraid of the camera and show your customers who you and your company members are. Come forth in the video singing a carol, or simply looking at the camera saying some nice words. Your clients will remember it! This kind of card exudes closeness and trust. Unconsciously we think there is a lower probability of being deceived by someone whose face we’ve seen and we tend to be more distrusting of websites and e-commerce that are impersonal.
  4. Be careful with the template aesthetic where the video will be embedded. Although the video is the star of the card, it is not everything. You have to add text to the template to prevent it from getting lost in spam folders. It is recommended to make text 60% of the whole template.
  5. Keep in mind the sending time. If you send it when the people are not working, send your video email with sound. But if you send it at working hours, send it in “mute” mode, or with light music. You can choose these options when you are creating the campaign.
  6. Optimize resources! Don’t fall for the claim that creating a video is expensive. You don´t need to make a super video production. With a good phone camera and one of the many programs or apps for editing video, you can have it done in 30 minutes. One great option is WeVideo.
  7. Go to and create your campaign with embedded video in 7 minutes. With Viwomail the video will be rendered automatically when the email is opened. They will see you for sure!

Also, now your recipients have the option of sharing your video in social networks directly from the email. Can you imagine if your Christmas card were to become viral and thousands of people watched your video? You can get a lot of new customers by doing something so easy! Go ahead and choose your Elite or Enterprise pack and get viral!

And the last piece of advice is… have fun! Show that you are having a good time in your video! After all, it’s Christmas time, right?