video in email is a good idea

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Nowadays, videos can be embedded in customers’ websites, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and online platforms like YouTube. SO WHY NO VIDEO IN EMAIL UNTIL NOW?

1. The power of online video

Videos are the best ally to reach the brain of the consumer. Big brands have used them since the beginning of television, and now, thanks to the Internet, video is accessible to any company.
According to a study by ComScore:

  • 100h of video content are uploaded every minute to the Internet.
  • Over 4 billion videos are streamed per day.
  • Audiovisual material is about 78% of all content consumed online.
  • In 2018 video will account for 84% of all Internet traffic.
  • Video increases the number of clicks by 96%.
  • Videos appear first in 70% of online searches.

Marketers are continually looking for new methods to deliver video content to their target. But, is email really a new way to publish videos and get more views?

2. Video and Email, the perfect match

Video is the most powerful mean of communication and email is the most-used channel. With over 200 million emails generated per minute, email is 50 times more used than Google.

Remember, more than 4 billion videos are streamed per day, and more than 204 million emails are sent every minute. So it seems like a pretty good idea to integrate video in email, so that it plays back when recipients open their email, doesn’t it?



video directo al email

3. The problems

Embedding video into email has been a real headache for many years. Marketers have always known about the effectiveness of video and conversion rates in Email Marketing campaigns, but it was impossible until now…why?
The main reason is that you can only use HTML language, due to security issues. The lack of a standard in video for HTML language, as there is with JPG images, made it impossible to render videos into emails.

Another important problem is the diversity of mobile devices that have come onto scene in the last years, with Android, IOs, Windows8 and many different formats and screen resolutions.

Ways to show video in email until now:

  • Installing executable plug-ins like Flash players or others (this technique was eliminated by Email Service Providers and Email Clients due to malicious code that could be installed into users computers)
  • Embedding an image with a YouTube link or a landing page (Although this is not a bad solution, users don’t have the same experience as with a real embedded video, and conversion rates are not as good. Besides, when users go to YouTube, videos of competitors are suggested so it’s easy to get distracted with other content.)

4. The solution: how to do it well

In order to give the user the best video viewing experience, it is necessary to detect the recipients’ technology in real time.

The best way to do that is to use a platform that automates the whole process. First of all, that platform should create all video formats and resolutions for each device.

Additionally, for those users who are not yet able to view the video directly in the email, a preview of your video in GIF format or a click-to-play image should be created to adapt to different resolutions and internets connections.
Viwomail is an online platform geared towards companies that allows them to embed video into emails, easing the processes of design, creating campaigns, and the massive delivery of emails with video and data analysis.
Users, thanks to Viwomail, can create an email with embedded video, using templates or an HTML file, that is compatible with all devices, browsers, and email clients.

It can also be integrated with most of today’s ESP’s (Email Service Providers). Viwomail delivers the videos from our specialized servers and provides statistics and user behavior.

5. Final conclusion

As a final conclusion, integrating video in email is a very good idea, but it must be done using technologies that allow maximum compatibility with all existing devices and email clients in the market. And it must also be able to provide statistics of video impressions.

In that sense, Viwomail is a complete and robust platform that provides everything needed to create, manage and measure email marketing campaigns with embedded video.