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How to email a Youtube video? How to insert a Youtube video into an email? How to embed a Youtube video? How to send a Youtube video via email?

Often times you want to email a video that you’ve seen on YouTube, or even better, you want to create a massive video email marketing campaign based on a YouTube video and send it to your entire mailing list.


YouTube gives you the possibility to “Share”, “Insert” or ” Email” from its own site. But if you choose the option “Email”, all you can do is send an email with a picture linked to the video on YouTube. Not bad, but you can not use this for mass emailing nor does the video play inside email inbox.

If you want to send a YouTube video by email to all you mailing list, for example in a video email marketing campaign, the solution offered by YouTube is not satisfactory enough. Also you can’t create your own design. So, what do you do?

Viwomail is the only technology that allows you to create an email marketing campaign with embedded video, based on your own HTML, so that the video plays in the email itself in almost all cases, even on a mobile phone. In the rare case that the video doesn’t play, Viwomail always gives an alternative option in real time so users can view the video.

Viwomail has just released a new feature that lets you create a video email with the URL of a YouTube video.


It is as simple as copying the URL and pasting it into the section that we have allocated for it. It’s that easy!

  1. Create or access your Viwomail account
  2. In the Viwomail private dashboard, click Create Campaign1
  3. Select the tab “upload video from Youtube”copiar-youtube1
  4. Copy the YouTube video URL
  5. Paste it into the appropriate field in Viwomail
  6. Click upload video, and from there make your campaign as usual

If you have any doubts about the process of creating the campaign, visit other blog posts that guide you step by step, or watch this video:

In this process, the Youtube video is automatically downloaded from the platform and uploaded to our high-speed servers, from which it is streamed when the recipient opens it.

Now, you have another channel which displays your videos and gets video impressions, thanks to Viwomail.

These video impressions will not be added to your Youtube account, but on your private dashboard at you will be able to check the video impressions of your video email marketing campaigns.

How long can my video be?


This depends on your pack or plan. The video limit for the free plan is 90 seconds. If you want to send a longer video, just buy a pack and send an email requesting a higher limit to :

What are the benefits of sending my Youtube video with Viwomail?


The main advantage is that your recipients will be impressed with a video that plays directly in the email (in most cases) and everyone will view your video. In addition, there are other advantages such as:

  • You can use your own email template with your logos, links to social networks, typography and corporate image.
  • You will be able to integrate a “call to action” button for your customers or recipients to buy, register or take the action that interests you via the video email.
  • You will not need to worry about compatibility with different email clients, browsers or devices, because Viwomail creates more than 23 formats and resolutions of your video automatically. It detects the technology of your recipients in real-time and delivers the most suitable streaming video for each technology.
  • You will have full control over your views through your private dashboard with: email open statistics, views of the videos by hour, day, etc.
  • Your video email is your storefront to sell; it’s your own private online shop. Plus, no suggestions of other competitors’ videos will appear as is the case of emails with a link to YouTube.

Our customers are already enjoying up to a 173% higher CTR (click through rate), and up to 50% more conversion for each Viwomail campaign. What are you waiting for? Try it!

  • Congratulations!!! Many thanks to the developers that have achieved this dream come true. Now is even easier for marketers to create video email marketing campaigns with Simply copy and paste your YouTube URL and Viwomail manages with everything. Statistics is a very important part. Well done!