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As you have probably read in our previous posts, as well as those by others bloggers, the benefits of embedding video in your email marketing campaigns with are many: get until 90% more CTR, improve your branding and engagement, increase sales, etc. But now that you know your company needs to embed video in your emails, you may be wondering What videos should I make or use?

It is not necessary to make an expensive video to catch your target’s attention. Instead you should create content that interests, attracts and entertains them. After all with a video email they WILL watch your video, because it’s not saturated mass media like TV, where you have to compete with many other adverts for your target’s attention.
That’s why here we are giving you some ideas that we know work. First of all, you should keep in mind the sociodemographic profile of your target before choosing a technique. Creating a campaign for 50 year olds is a whole different ball game from creating one for twenty-somethings.

1. Behind the camera

Make a videos series that shows how your product is made. People nowadays want to know how the things they consume are made, and even more so if your product is food.Day by day people worry more about the kinds of products that they eat: the quality, the origin, whether it’s organic, sustainable, etc. With a behind-the-scenes video, you will generate trust in your brand and product.

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2. Introduce your workers

I´m sure that you’ve seen some TV commercials that show workers talking directly to camera. These kinds of campaigns not only generate trust and closeness with your customers, but they also generate benefits for your workers. They are the first advocates of your brand.

3. Video tutorials and “how-to” videos

Generate a series of tutorials about your product and/or something that you know is interesting for your target. For example, if your product is food, a good idea is to make some cooking or recipes tutorials. Or if it´s a fashion product, film make-up or beauty tip tutorials.

It’s highly recommended to make video tutorials in which your product is not the lead protagonist, but instead in a supporting role. Thus not sensing that the video is like a commercial, the client will watch it and will be waiting for the next video in the series.

4. Tell a story

Create characters and a series of stories that develop over time. If the story is good enough, your targets will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next one.


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 5. Video interviews with clients or testimonials

Testimonials have been used since the beginning of advertising. Typically the people are fictitious and share their seemingly wonderful opinion about the product. This technique is used, above all, to sell cleaning products.

But, what if we add a tinge of realism to these testimonials and ask real clients for their opinion?

If you know that your product is good, ask clients to film themselves giving their opinion about the product.

All of the participants will be eagerly waiting to receive your Viwomail to see if it’s their video. And the rest of your clients, will receive honest opinions from real testers.

 6. Bloggers: A means to an end

I´m sure that every day your company receives requests from bloggers to taste or try your product. And after tasting/trying the product, they share their opinion about it in their blog. Many of these blogs don’t have enough followers to be a valid means of publicity. You can use them as a seed to start a testimonial series like we mentioned in the previous point.
Furthermore these testimonials will help you to test your product honestly and for free.

 7. Videos of events

I´m sure that you go to trade fairs, competitions or similar events quite often. For you, it’s something normal, but that’s not the case for your target. Show them the backstage life at these events. They will see you up close and personal and will in turn empathize with you and your brand.

8. Video interviews with experts

If they are an important figure in your sector and your target considers them a trustable reference, invite them to make a video interview about your product. An interview where you can see the facial expressions of the interviewee creates more trust than a typical written interview.

9. Preview

Generate interest with a video preview of an event or new product. You should not show all the novelty, but awaken interest so that they come to your store or event. Later you can film them seeing the event or new product and make a video email with their reaction.

10. Say thank you

It’s no secret that your clients want to feel valued. A personal and honest video saying thank you can have more impact than you could imagine.
Be grateful and reward them for trusting in your brand, because it’s difficult to win over customers, but even more difficult to keep them.